La soluzione ideale per far crescere il tuo business e completare la tua strategia di marketing digitale è uno spazio espositivo virtuale, una piattaforma per aumentare le interazioni con i vostri clienti e stockholders.

Un progetto personalizzato come Virtual Stand, Virtual Showroom, Fabbrica  Virtuale o Evento Virtuale, dotato di ogni elemento che aiuta le tue strategie di Marketing e dove potrai condividere, senza limiti, i tuoi prodotti e i tuoi servizi e comunicare in Real Time.

In un’unica piattaforma, aperta tutto l’anno, si possono creare eventi, interagire con i clienti, selezionare luoghi di presentazione dei tuoi prodotti, chattare o lasciare contenuti multimediali.

architetonic design

immersione 360°

visione 3D dei prodotti

immagini video e pdf

report e analisi


contenuti condivisi

senza limiti di tempo


An exhibition area with over 100 square meters in which we recreate your stand with new perspectives of interaction and design. From the project to the virtual realisation we can recreate a customised stand with expansion of services:
– registration page
– presentation and interaction of products in 3D
– access to multimedia information such as images, videos, PDF documents, Internet links
– social network access
– live chat
– background music
– analysis report

Get inspired by our example.



An interactive virtual showroom that brings you closer to your clients online. Let your clients explore your products with 360 ° exhibits, multimedia content and live interactions, such as fashion shows, videos, information, social links. A visual showroom increases your online business through a meaningful and engaging brand experience.


The virtual factory tour is a perfect way to introduce the company headquarters and the production capabilities offered. Gain and increase the trust of your clients by showing the history, process and characteristics that distinguish your products, with interactive multimedia materials and hyperlinks. With a virtual factory you can host physically distant clients at your premises and interact with them via chat or other platforms, all from the comfort of your computer.



A platform that represents your brand and your products in an immersive 3D environment that your clients can access anytime, anywhere. Creation of design settings with textures and lights, attention to detail and originality.


Creation of templates in order to be able to share and explore numerous product categories and all their features, with access to product sheets or digital integrations.


Accessible by anyone all around the world, virtual design offers the opportunity to reach out to a wider audience with chat and contact forms, allowing in-depth monitoring of visitor behaviou. Cross device compatibility.


Direct Connect Engagement: Visitors can be engaged by using the tour with live guide and live commentary.


Accessible by anyone around the world in order to get in-depth reports on visitor behaviour complete with dashboard for real-time monitoring. A useful tool to generate new business opportunities and increase interactions.


Hosted on Cloud Server, the platform can support the access of thousands of visitors at the same time. Interactions with the brand will be made through the acceptance of hotspots (Call To Action).


The project is virtual but all our skills are real, in the figure of our designers and professionals in the exhibition sector. We use all our experience that distinguishes us in design and creativity, in personalised services, in compliance with deadlines and in giving value to each brand. A team of professionals will follo you in the design and development of the project up to the on-line implementation, providing assistance in the possible critical phases or in the transformations or updates that the virtual project may have over time.

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