The objectives and design phases of trade show installations and stands for exhibitions

A solid design is the key to a successful result.
Success is our mission, which is why design is the key to our business.
The conceptual approach is set in motion to search for, evaluate and select the best solution for all our clients. We are fully aware that the word ‘design’ embodies two essential concepts: Form and Function. Creativity must always be part of the quest to preserve this formula.
The process begins with a careful analysis of all the information, essential for successfully putting all our creativity and experience to work.
The data collected during the client briefing is always carefully analysed in order to initiate the design process with well-defined parameters.
The available space, the plans, corporate communication guidelines, the choice of strategy for the presentation of products, the structural and logistical needs, technical regulations, deadlines and compliance with the budget are essential considerations throughout this stage. Our design office is staffed with architects, designers, engineers and graphic designers. It’s a cohesive team of professionals that are continuously searching for new ideas, the latest innovations and winning solutions. From the beginning of each new project, a tight-knit and on-going collaborative relationship is created with the client. It’s a form of intrinsic creativity from which ideas and highly customised solutions emerge.

The preparation of a project involves an in-depth study of the client’s display and communication requirements. This latter element, mixed with a good dose of creativity, gives birth to the original proposals in terms of both form and function.
Our proposals are presented to the client in the form of 3D photorealistic renderings of the highest quality and definition.
From the different solutions presented to the client, the decision is made as to which one is closest to the brand and the work on individual details is begun by defining the exact dimensions, finishes and layouts.

This process includes the involvement of professionals such as designers, account executives, creative consultants, engineers, suppliers, administrative workers and top management, with their respective responsibilities, who come together to make each project a success.

The final stage involves the preparation of working drawings and all the operations necessary to begin work on the installation. These operations are always carried out with the utmost skill and professionalism in order to provide the most complete and impeccable service.

Our successes are a source of satisfaction we would like to share with you!

Custom Stands

Each project has a voice just waiting to be heard.

Our stands are highly customised creations.
In the first phase, during the briefing, we collect a detailed list of the client’s needs. Thanks to our experience we are already able to suggest the best solution for the project.
We work with a wide array of materials: wood, plasterboard, aluminium, iron, glass, MDF, forex, fabrics, varnishes, enamels, water-based paints, plastic laminates, polystyrene ….. the highest quality materials that carry the necessary certifications related to fire safety and ecology
The finishes are always carefully crafted and of the highest quality. We provide clients with a wide array of options to choose from, which can be viewed in our special sample room set up in our facility.
Our creations are produced and assembled inside our workshops, fully equipped with a carpentry workshop and we work with the finest partners in the territory in the fields of glass, metal processing and the production of graphic and digital prints.
Each custom stand is provided with the “turnkey” formula that guarantees you the peace of mind of not having to worry about anything. You only have to show up at the fair on the eve of the event.
We also offer economical stands for hire, crafted with basic structures that can be easily customised with the client’s selection of colours, furnishings and graphics.
We also offer stands for sale to clients who always want to have their own structure on hand, which we keep diligently stored in our warehouse.
Client assistance is our unmistakable strength, which we guarantee every step of the way, and your requests are always handled with our fundamental principles of efficiency, professionalism and functionality.

Group Stands

We offer structures and specific materials for the creation of Group Stands.
These accurately designed structures are advantageous for their low cost and quick turnaround time. They are still highly customisable

Installations for Events

Numerous events require specific installations and details in order to achieve the communication goals.
We are qualified to set up both indoor and outdoor events, offering solutions for exhibitions, fashion shows, celebrations, conferences, presentations, promotions and cultural events.
We keep a large number of light fixtures, platforms, desks, display units and furniture in stock to meet virtually any kind of request and to handle emergencies and unforeseen circumstances with ease, without compromising on quality and the look of the spaces created

Audio Video

Sound and image are powerful mediums of  communication

We are able to complete our services by renting audio and video materiale for each event.

We offer new technologies and sound amplification systems as:

  • Audio systems
  • Mixer
  • Microphones
  • Loudspeakers

Video systems with high definition

  • Led tv 40”, 50”, 60”
  • Ledwall of high brightness, modular sizes
  • Video projectors
  • Interactive projectiont

Our specialized team is always ready to realize and reach the client’s needs. We are able so suggest to you the appropriate systems for each event, guaranteeing excellent assistance related to brightness – contrast.

Retail and Showroom Installations

We offer a complete array of furnishings for shops and commercial spaces, custom and modular furniture for stores offering all kinds of merchandise.
The design is always exclusive and fashionable and we place a special focus on the search for materials and colours.
These types of installations have special characteristics such as: high-end finishes, stability, functionality, safety and long-lasting performance. During the design process the attempt is always made to optimise the available space by studying the most accessible passages and paths and to draw attention to each merchandise department, facilitating access to the cash desk and improving the functionality of the storage areas.
Our team continuously strives to find ways to optimise costs and production systems through a wide range of furniture and modular units and with furniture custom made to meet design and project specifications.
Everything is made to comply with the brand’s communication strategy.

Exhibit Installations

The Italian world for exhibit, Mostra, originates from the word Mostrum, an oddity that one seeks to demonstrate, document, illustrate and narrate.
The communication potential of exhibitions, handled with great sensitivity and clarity, always has a major impact and captures the imagination. The spatial arrangement punctuates the design and the finishes determine how simple the exhibit is to understand and to what extent it captures visitor’s attention.
The use of photography, digital prints, slides, video, sound effects, and in certain cases special scents, can complete the communication strategy and help to convey the final message. The study of the lighting design is fundamental, allowing us to play with lighted areas and shadows, to obtain absolutely amazing results. Of course, throughout the research and preparation process we ensure impeccable assistance from our highly skilled technical staff.


The rental service is a convenient formula for every need. Inside our 3,500 m2 warehouse we maintain a consistent inventory of furniture (chairs, tables, stools, sofas, armchairs), electrical systems, lighting, spotlights, platforms,
box trusses, LCD monitors, Ipads, Dvds, Led walls, Computers, Video-walls, LED-walls, displays of different sizes, vases, shelves, refrigerators and plenty of other materials.
The rental service is available with transportation and installation included. Contact our rental office for more information and to request our catalogue.

Graphics and Signs

Illuminated and non-illuminated signs
Illuminated bins
Box letters
Milled raised letters
Graphic panels in forex, deco forex, dibond, honeycomb and other materials.
Digital prints directly on laminated panels, pvc foam, composite aluminium, plexiglass, glass, cardboard,
corrugated materials, eurobond, feathers, kapaTex, foam board, compact polypropylene, backlit surfaces
Custom shapes
3D polystyrene logos
Stretch fabrics

Production of Display Units and Totems

We produce, rent and sell display units that can be made in various shapes and sizes. The range of materials is incredibly varied: wood and all related materials, glass, aluminium, plexiglas, metal, cardboard, etc. We can design and produce displays for any type of merchandise. (fashion, gift items, food, technology, services, etc.)
Our units are structures that, in addition to displaying and promoting products, area used as furnishing elements inside any retail space or display area such as showrooms and shops.
Our creations are personalised and made with the finish requested by the client.
We also offer our clients delivery and assembly services.
The graphics applied to the display units are always customised and, in the mid-high range, easily interchangeable.
We have produced various types of internally illuminated display units equipped with multimedia elements, such as LCD panels, Tablets and PCs.

Storage and Logistics

Inside our warehouse of over 3,000m2 our team moves and handles all materials with great care and attention. We are always available to support all our clients. Upon request we can pick up materials directly from the company and deliver them to the stand at the trade show, both in Italy and abroad.
This type of logistics service is efficient and constitutes an added value that sets us apart from our competitors.
The stands are assembled by our teams made up by more than 40 highly specialised technicians. The experience and expertise of our installers is a guarantee for the timely and impeccable delivery of the commissioned works for the client’s ultimate satisfaction.
Upon request we also offer assistance for the duration of the event.

Hostess Service

We have the right personnel to meet your needs throughout Italy

We provide:

  • Hostesses and stewards to greet your clients during exhibitions, conferences, meetings and gala dinners.
  • Promoters for the sale of your products during promotions held inside and outside the store.
  • Male and female models to promote the image of your company during trade shows, fashion shows, seminars and photo shoots.
  • Interpreters for sales presentations and commercial assistance during meetings with foreign customers.
  • Promoters who distribute leaflets and samples as part of communication campaigns