About us

Eurodesign was founded in Reggio Emilia in 1997. From the very beginning, the company was a leader in the field of exhibition architecture, thanks to its extensive know-how and the array of exhibition spaces offered for any event.
Eurodesign has always offered a complete “turnkey” service, which allows the company to find optimal solutions for the specific needs of each client, with a balanced approach to aesthetic, functional and operational aspects while leaving no detail overlooked.

The manufacturing facility, warehouses, offices and design studio are all located in the same building, keeping the lines of communication open between the creative staff and production team. The company is young and dynamic. Our team is highly skilled, motivated, helpful, creative and enthusiastic.
Eurodesign’s winning combination of creativity, design, workmanship, logistics and accuracy results in a synergy of pure creativity and know-how, with results that speak for themselves: we are ready to impress.

“Even a drop can make a difference”

The company’s main mission is to provide each client with a space that successfully combines original design with functionality. The know-how of our technical department is continuously evolving: we aim to search for materials, forms and services to offer highly competitive quality, also thanks to the company’s logistical expertise and cutting-edge technology.
We develop our design ideas with intuition, creativity, care, attention and flexibility. We have the ability to identify the client’s needs, develop innovative ideas, provide timely responses, adapt to the needs of each situation, create customised display solutions with great passion and enthusiasm and develop highly effective projects that continue to deliver the client’s message through time.
Our team is ready to impress, each drop can make a difference.